Durata: 120 ore

Attestazione finale: attestato di frequenza con profitto

Struttura del percorso e contenuti formativi

Il corso si terrà tramite lezioni frontali durante le quali verranno approfonditi i seguenti moduli:

Module 1 – Working out meaning from context, question formation, compound adjectives, modifiers: auxiliary verbs and comparatives. (10 ore)

Module 2 – Illnesses and injuries: present perfect simple and continuous. Clothes and fashion: using adjectives as nouns, adjective order. (10 ore)

Module 3 – Air travel: narrative tenses, past perfect continuous; so, such.. that. Adverbs and adverbial phrases. (10 ore)

Module 4 – The environment, weather, future perfect and future continuous. Expressions with take. Zero and first conditionals, future time clauses. (10 ore)

Module 5 – Feelings: unreal conditionals. Structures after ‘wish’. (10 ore)

Module 6 – Music and relax: gerunds and infinitives, used to, be used to, get used to. (10 ore)

Module 7 – Verbs often confused and the body: past modals, verbs of the senses. (10 ore)

Module 8 – Crime and punishment. The media: the passive, reporting verbs. (10 ore)

Module 9 – Advertising, business: clauses of contrast and purpose, uncountable and plural nouns, word building: prefixes and suffixes. (20 ore)

Module 10 – Science: quantifiers, articles and collocations. (10 ore)

Module 11 – FCE exam preparation and practice. (10 ore)